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TMBR 003 Various - The Primates #01


Since it's very first beginning, The Monkey Bar has proved to have no boundaries music-wise. This composition of tracks pictures a state of mind, a bridge between the past and the future. A selection made by producers that can speak with the heart, the mind and the soul.

Rawness comes by the hand of HINODE, "Escape" is the title of this beautiful track made by the Italian duo. A minimalistic wicked vibe and pads from beyond melt perfectly with a bass as pulse that lifts you just enough to keep you alive.

The second track is EDUARDO DE LA CALLLE's hidden treasure, "Celestial Highways" is a magical track that comes somewhere between the Motor City and very high up in the mountains where he lives. Music that keeps you floating, made in the universal language soulfulness.

The third cut is the first result of DIEGO GAMEZ (UQ) and ALFONSO as 333. The duo polished an outstanding work together, a powerful bass that never let's you go, cutting pads and just the right amount of acidity that make you go mental. The Monkey Bar's core at it's best.

MARCO SHUTTLE's Journey Remix it's a trip to the unknown, a track that never surrenders. The constant rhythmic evolution and the sci-fi mood set by the pads transport you directly to a very distant and elegant planet where the power of the mind is the driving force. Who cares about the destination, when the Journey is so good. As Jim Morrison will say: "Let's ride the snake".

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