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Pajaro Dune - Momentum TMBR005

Organized aside from the science establishment in June 1993 at the Californian resort Pajaro Dunes, in the Monterrey Bay, a conference that reunited a group of Scientists and Philosophers around “Intelligent Design” took place. But we all know there are other theories about the origin of life on planet Earth.

The 5th release of The Monkey Bar comes from the result of the matured and well meditated work from PAJARO DUNE. This complex house EP comes from the same creative minds behind the Lontano project but with a distinct aproach and sound.

This EP is pure obscure deepness with a scent of house, to cap it all we brought the mighty ZADIG to deliver a Techno cosmic wonderful Remix. Don’t expect a classic, Zadig took the path of most resistance and produced an outstanding psychadelic masterpiece.

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